Monday, May 11, 2009

Good News and Bad!

So, the good news is that I finally completed my last final on Saturday and am now in the clear for blogging! :) I had to pack my computer away the last 10 days or so, because I just love to procrastinate when it comes to studying. The other good news (GREAT news!) is that Frank and I sent out our guest list for Save-the-Dates and are about to send in our deposit!!! This means that in a couple weeks we will get a planner and a very fun wedding package to peruse. I'm so excited to finally begin planning!

So, for the bad news. Well, it isn't so bad for me personally, just bad for my blogging life I suppose. Frank and I leave for Europe for 19 days tomorrow!!! We are starting in Paris and ending in Austria. I'm really excited to be able to travel without studying and just spend some time together. Typically when we go on trips I get completely wiped. We leave the hotel early and return late. Frank pops right in bed, but I usually sit up studying. Oh does it suck. I have been VERY much looking forward to this trip!!!

So, unless I miraculously have Internet in Europe at some point (it doesn't look promising), this will be it for me for a couple weeks as far as blogging goes. Luckily when we return, I will have endless wedding things to talk about and a lot of pictures from the trip!