Thursday, April 30, 2009

There are always these too...

Which one do you like???

Inspiration #5

So this week's inspiration is more of a hope. A "fingers-freaking-crossed-I must have-it" hope. I really want this gown. It is a little funny, because I had envisioned a "poofier" gown, very "princessy." I just love this gown though, and even better... it is WAY under my budget!!! I like under budget... it means I can put money elsewhere! I'm going gown shopping June 6th, and am SO excited. They carry this line at the store I'm going to, so I'm hoping it is there. Otherwise, I may have to order it without trying it on.

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You can also get a look at it here. It is dress #8620. I love the buttons that go all the way down the back. It is so simple and elegant. I really had imagined something much fancier for my gown. At least if the bridal salon doesn't have this dress, the line actually has quite a few beautiful dresses... I just really. hope. they. have. this. one. :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Great Destination Wedding Location #4

So, since I'm having a Disney World wedding, I have to mention Disneyland! I have actually been lucky enough to pass by a couple of weddings at both The Grand Californian Hotel and The Disneyland Hotel. Honestly, their sites are incredibly beautiful. So beautiful that Frank and I considered having an east coast ceremony AND west coast ceremony (since we hail from both sides of this beautiful country.) We decided to put all of our money into one big fiesta though. The Gardens at these hotels are phenomenal. Of course one of the big perks of being a Disney Bride is the untouchable service you receive and the resources available. There are many web sites to help out someone wanting to host a Disney wedding, a few of them can be found in my right column under "For the Disney Bride."

Photo courtesy of: Here Comes the Guide

Photo courtesy of: Here Comes the Guide

Photo courtesy of: Here Comes the Guide

Photo courtesy of: Here Comes the Guide

Photo courtesy of: Here Comes the Guide

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Inspiration #4

Up or down??? I still can't decide... just in case I decide on "up," these are the pictures I'll be taking in to my cosmetologist/hair dresser (which I'm FINALLY in the process of booking!)

Photos courtesy of: The Knot

If I do decide to wear my hair up, I just have to decide if I want to add flowers or some "bling." I always thought I'd have some kind of orchid in my hair on my wedding day, but lately I've been falling in love with some bedazzled-ful hair clips.

Great Bridal Tool!

I just wanted to share with the bridal blogosphere a great wedding planning site that has been recommended to me! Jeff, one of the creators of the site, contacted me a few days ago to share and ask me to check it out. I know there are a million (and one) wedding planning sites out there, but this one really is not to be missed. Really.

My Wedding Workbook is just as amazing. They cover everything from the engagement activities to the honeymoon. It is a straightforward and very easy site to use. One of the best features I've noticed (so far!) is the Task section. You can very easily add a new task to your calendar, and there is even an option to remind you via e-mail of your appointment. Not only that, but it is actually in a monthly calendar view and you can print it out! Fantastic! Below the calendar are reminders and suggestions of what you should be working on.

I am going absolutely ga-ga for this site. Please check it out and share it with everyone!

P.S. Do not miss the adorable story about how this wedding planning site came about. Awwwww. :) And check out Jeff's Blog, I love the name. I was just calling my Hubby-to-be a groomzilla (he totally is)... but Groomasaurus, brilliant!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Great Centerpiece Vases!

I have been looking high and low for the perfect centerpieces. I've found many things that I've "liked," but nothing I thought I would really see through. I still LOVE this idea, and hope to incorporate the whole pearl-thing somehow. I may just add them to the cake table or some other side table... we will see.

I like simple things. Classy things. I need something that can be used in an open outdoor area, or be moved into a busy/fancy Victorian themed room if it chooses to rain. I'm not sure exactly how Disney Floral works yet, but I will find out soon. May 8th is the day when we get a planner, from there I will make appointments and I hope somehow I can make these vases (sorry, not able to get a pic) work. They are fairly inexpensive considering I'd have to rent vases otherwise, and I would get to keep them!!! I could even share them with our wedding party after they are used!! I think votive candles scattered around them would reflect beautiful light, and they are just simple and gorgeous. Perfect.

Hopefully Disney will either fill them with flowers for me, or I can buy loose flowers from them and fill them myself. I wouldn't need much, maybe just some green and white hydrangeas.

Great Destination Wedding Location #3

Well, a little late is better than never! I have some catching up to do after a string of exams.

My next Great Destination Wedding Location is actually where Frank proposed to me! It is located in Amelia Island, FL, a small island a little Northeast of Jacksonville. It has great weather and all of the charm of a southern town. I have dreamt of changing my wedding to The Amelia Island Plantation Inn. The setting is absolutely stunning and romantic. There are endless options for the indecisive bride. :) With numerous venues, many great packages, and a host of culinary options, this place has the potential to create a truly special wedding. Check out their Wedding Guide for a list of services they offer!

All photos courtesy of: Beverly Clark's Wedding Location

Friday, April 17, 2009

Inspiration #3

I love the simplicity and elegance of this cake. It doesn't have too much going on, when I finally get to talk about my cake, I will be bringing in this picture!

Photo courtesy of: LaaLoosh

Friday, April 10, 2009

Great Destination Wedding Location #2

About 9 months ago, Frank and I went to Vero Beach, Florida to stay at Disney's Vero Beach Resort. The resort was adorable, a quaint little hotel right on the beach. There are cabins, suites, and standard rooms within this beautiful hotel. We were lucky enough to get to "watch" a wedding take place from the balcony of the bar. It was beautiful, and Frank and I actually strongly considered it for our wedding ceremony location. We favored Disney World in the end because people would already be flying in; we didn't want them to have to drive for a couple of hours after they landed.

If you are looking for a beach wedding environment, I think this would be lovely. The accommodations are great, and there are a lot of fun activities on property and nearby. It is a really beautiful area overall.

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Photo courtesy of: Pixiedust Travel

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Inspiration #2

I am SO excited about this week's inspiration. This photo would be sooo fun, and I think somehow I can incorporate something similar into our wedding day shoot.

Photo courtesy of: Aerial Photography For You