Monday, July 27, 2009

Fancy Fonts

I just received my MacBook Pro in the mail the other day, and have been sitting around getting acquainted. :) I am absolutely LOVING it!

I've been in the process of downloading all of my favorite fonts (and a few extras) from DaFont. If you have never done this, it is super easy and super fun! I love using the fonts for different cards, holidays, newsletters. I can't wait to bust out the Disney fonts for our Welcome Letters for our guests at Disneyworld!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Looking for the Perfect Ring?

Check out Jewelry Vortex! With prices that can't be beat and thousands upon thousands of options, you can find the special token of love you've always wanted. From simple to unique and extremely competitive prices its worth a look! Definitely have yourself a peek. :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Perks of a Being a Disney Bride

Okay, lets forget about the obvious perks like the experience of the Disney Wedding Planning Team, the great customer service, and feeling like a total princess. There are some perks you really don't expect! For instance, I just answered the door to sign off for a packet from Disney Fairy Tale Weddings and enclosed was a sweet little note from our fantastic coordinator, Kristi. Kristi was an absolute joy to work with. She had a way of making you feel like you weren't "just another bride." It must be a tough task to make everyone feel special when you host over 1,500 weddings per year. Kristi managed to do this with what seemed like complete ease. Anyways, in the super sweet card from Kristi was some "pixie dust" in the form annual passes for Frank and myself!

This is GREAT news, since Frank and I are heading to Disneyworld in July for a day and our annual passes ran out a few months back. We really didn't want to renew for just a day, but didn't want to buy a single day ticket. We may be heading down in late September for a quick weekend as well, for our usual Halloween trip. Again, with all of the money going out, we just didn't see it as reasonable to fork over more money at this point in time. What a great, GREAT surprise!!! Especially on a Monday. :)