Thursday, June 25, 2009

Photo Booths, Save the Dates, Invitations... Oh My!

Well, things are finally starting to progress for this Disney Bride! Word on the street has it that some of our wedding guests have started receiving their Save the Dates from Disney! I am very excited about this, as things have otherwise been moving rather slowly. Not anymore!

I ordered some invitation samples from scroll wedding invitations, and they arrived today... wow! The presentation of their scrolls is phenomenal. They very much exceeded my expectations. Not to mention the price is extremely reasonable for the product. I am very pleased and excited about them, if you've ever wanted a scroll invitation these are the people to work with! Fantastic!

We have also secured our photo booth! I am relieved about this mostly because I just knew Frank was going to let it fall through. He wasn't excited about it, but it was one of two things I really had my heart set on. I booked it through Party Booths yesterday, I hope people love it as much as I will! I love photo booths like crazy. :)

Lastly, we have booked our planning session with our Disney planner Michelle! We are squeezing it in in August during a SCUBA trip in Florida. I really can't wait for this the most. I've always wanted to do the food and cake tastings. Ever since watching Father of the Bride, I couldn't wait for that part! I've been trying to gather all of the recommended swatches, and idea pictures.

I'm such a mess though right now, due to our house still being torn upside down. Currently our bed is in the middle of our room, because we are painting the walls and ceiling. We will then attempt to floor the room ourselves... I just can't wait for it to be over with. Somehow in the process of all this, our memory card from our France trip is still lost. I am completely devastated, and cry about it nearly every day. Pathetic... maybe just a bit. :) Poor Frank. I have a few pictures from Austria, so I'll still have to put those up. I've just gotten lazy about it because of the missing card. It basically chronicled our entire 3 week trip, except for the last 5 days, and included pictures from many places we may never go again. Frank has been sweet though, and promised me when we have kids, we'll go back to all of those places with them. :)

Oh, one more exciting thing... Frank sent me an e-mail last night of a confirmation from Ticketmaster... Yup... I'm going to Britney Spears!!! WooooHoooo! You know you have a great fiance when he'll sit through a Britney Spears concert with you. :) Ahhhhh.

Until next time...


Hannah Noel said...

Brittany spears? Wow, that sounds like so much fun!!! *jealous*

I love photobooths :) :)

LauraAnn said...

Wow! You have a lot going on right now! You are definitely a busy lady!

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