Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hello from Mrs. Podesta!

It has been months since I stopped posting on here, I know, but I was starting to give a bit too many details away of some of the surprises that were in store for our wedding!! I was finding it incredibly difficult to keep my trap shut. :) So I stopped... but I won't leave anyone hanging! I'll post some pictures as they come in, and do the whole "rate the vendor" thing. :)

I first must say, Frank and I had SO much fun at our wedding that we are already beginning the process of planning our 5 year vow renewals. Well... let me correct that... IIIII am in the process of planning it, he just said I could. :) Hehe. I can't wait to have another day of having everyone together, and watching the looks on their faces as the surprises unfold. Our day was full of endless surprises, love, and FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

Sadly, our honeymoon was scrapped the day we were supposed to leave. Flights were delayed, then cancelled... next thing we knew we would only have 3 1/2 days in Morocco, which didn't really make a lot of sense since the flight takes almost that long!!! I was quite bummed, and still am, but we just stayed and took the opportunity to spend some QT with my family who was staying the week following the wedding. It was great to play with my niece and nephews and watch my grandparents on their first visit to WDW. Another bummer, though, is that we all ended up sick. Big. Bummer. VERY SICK. In fact, I'm still recovering and just cannot find the energy to deal with pictures and videos right now!!! But to give you a little taste of our big day, please check out this link and this link (click on Jennifer and Frank)!!

More to come!



Princess Christy said...

Sorry to hear your honeymoon got scrapped! Any plans for re-scheduling?

Jenny said...

As much as it bummed us out, it really worked out for us! We aren't rescheduling for Morocco (yet!) but have a two week trip in France for May! :)

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