Monday, January 25, 2010

How They Stacked Up

Okay, so as much as I'd like to get to the fun stuff (how the day went, pics, etc) I am still awaiting many, many pictures. I feel rating our vendors is a good place to start because I remember being a new Disney-Bride-To-Be and feeling completely lost and worrying way too much about who I should use for what...

I know I am going to miss someone, but I'll do my best and add on later if I miss anyone/anything.

Disney Coordinator: Kristi Davis = A

While I would like to give her an A+, because I really liked her and thought she was incredibly helpful, I think she was just doing what she did best and is great with everyone. I think I would've been completely fine in the hands of someone else here (this seems to be a theme amongst the Disney Wedding Staff), but still am very happy with who I got! Very friendly, easy to work with, great ideas, and knows her stuff. Anyone who gets her as their coordinator will really enjoy her. Frank and I actually felt a little sad when we were "passed off" to our planner!

Disney Planner: Michelle Wenzler = A

Again, probably deserves an A+, but I'm going to stick to the A for a few reasons. Frank and I had very little problems with Michelle. She was wonderful, great sense of humor (much needed for my new husband and his somewhat crazy ideas!), professional, great communicator, and did a remarkable job the day of the wedding. We had a bit of a difficult time getting a hold of her, however, the two weeks prior to our wedding (the holidays). Michelle, and everyone else in charge of our wedding, was "out of the office." It was quite frustrating in this time of panic to not be able to get into contact with the person who was supposed to be telling us what to do! In the end, Michelle was amazing, and things went better than I could have dreamed. We had so much fun and didn't have to think about a thing. Everything flowed seamlessly and that is much credited to Michelle and her "helpers." Anyone in Michelle's hands should thank their lucky stars! Absolutely wonderful! If (WHEN!) we do a Disney Vow Renewal, we will request Michelle. We understand this doesn't always work out, but who knows... maybe Disney will work some magic!

Disney Florist: Rose Dizon = B+

Pros: Flowers were gorgeous. She is amazing at what she does. She comes fully prepared for all decor needs. She is also adorably cute. :)

Cons: Much slower to respond to questions. Too many bouquets arrived, which we were charged for. Apparently she never changed her bridesmaid count. It wasn't THAT much money, so we weren't entirely concerned, but she was given a final count of bouquets needed and it was her job to change it. She was also MIA in the weeks leading up to our wedding.

Still, I would absolutely love to work with her again, because despite all of this she knows what she's doing!

Videographer: Stan Severance = A+

I'm going to be honest. When we started this wedding process neither Frank, nor myself was keen on the idea of a videographer. I thought he would be in the way, I'd feel awkward, etc, etc. Let me tell you, Stan was wonderful!!! Both Frank and myself just loved him. We have only seen his preview video as of now, which is wonderful, but we really can't wait to see everything!!! I wish I could live the day over and over again, and this is probably the closest I will get!!! I highly recommend Stan. He is great at his job and he comes with a great perk... he can snag his clients reservations at Club 33 in Disneyland! While Frank is the big Disney fan in our family, even I admit to being extremely curious about what it is like inside the confines of this uber-private club.

Photographer A: Randy Chapman = ???

Since I haven't seen any of Randy's work, it is difficult to give him a grade. We thought he was very nice, and he really moved things along smoothly... I just don't know... Very nice guy, but I almost felt like he was "working" and it wasn't something he "enjoyed." I'm sure his pictures will prove me wrong, but everything felt so rehearsed and uncreative. Since most people really, really like him, I'm trying my best to be optimistic. We shall see... His packages with Stan (the videographer) are a great bargain, if you're interested in both. They work very well as a team and are both extremely familiar with Disney Weddings.

Photographer B: Robin McQuay Anderson = A+

Fun. Timely. Professional. Creative. Robin really, really knows what she's doing... and LOVES it!!! We found her via her husband, Bishop Ian Anderson, totally by accident. We had gone to their house to meet him and there were these beautifully crafted photo albums sitting out on their coffee table. I picked one up to look at it and unfolded these gorgeous, bright, and creative pictures of her family. Ian explained to us that his wife was a photographer, and the rest was history. They are a fun, fun couple. A complete pleasure to work with, and absolutely good at what they do. We hired her for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, but when we received our DVD of pictures (Already! Amazingly quick!) it had many, many beautiful shots of the wedding as well. :) Such a wonderful, sweet woman. I can't say enough great things about her or her husband, and Frank and I plan to use them both again for Vow Renewals, children sessions, etc.

Officiant: Bishop Ian Anderson = A+++

I don't know where Frank found this man, but I am so glad he did! He had a GREAT sense of humor, and did everything we asked for and more. Completely professional, and Frank and I highly, highly recommend him. There was minimal work on our part; he was completely prepared. We really enjoyed their family, as did our guests.

Hair & Makeup: Patricia LeJeune = A+++

There are absolutely no words I can say to describe how pleased I was with Patricia. She worked quickly and flawlessly, is beautiful inside and out, and was just wonderful. She was by far the most calming person in the room, often making me giggle when something stressful occurred. Choosing Patricia was one of the best overall decisions I made in this wedding. Highly, highly recommended.

Photo booth: Tish with Party Booths = A

This was one of the things I was most concerned about. Frank and I went back and forth on whether we thought it was a scam or it was real. We had to pay everything up front so far in advance... and out of Vegas?!?! We honestly didn't think a photo booth would even show up and we would be out the money. To our surprise, this large and wonderful booth showed up and manning it was this bubbly little thing: Tish. Upbeat and fun, we have an amazing scrapbook that Tish assisted the guests in putting together for us. The guests loved the photo booth, I loved the photo booth... Even Frank admitted he kind of like the photo booth. Again, highly recommended and totally worth it! The pictures aren't up forever, but if you'd like to catch a peek click here, the password is jennyandfrank.

Floral Preservation: Keepsake Floral = ???

I can't grade them yet for their work, but they have been extremely helpful and easy to deal with! I will take some pictures and give them a full grade when I get the flowers back. :)

Gown Preservation: Wedding Gown Preservation Co. = ???

N/A at the moment!

I know there are people/things that I am forgetting, but they'll come to me. :)


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I used Keepsake Floral ... dropped it off in person before our Disney honeymoon! I was VERY pleased.

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what a great and helpful review!

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Hi Jen, I saw a few of the pics on Robin's newletter, you looked beautiful!! I would love for you to send us a pic for our store and our website you were a joy to work with and best wishes on a wonderful journey through life with your new husband!

Melissa, Jay West Bridal

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