Friday, January 23, 2009

Reception Site

So, this is the space we have reserved for the reception site:

I'm not sure how everything will be set up yet, but we intend to utilize the outside as much as possible (keeping our fingers crossed for great weather.) You can't see it in the photos, but you can (barely) see Cinderella's Castle from the patio and the monorail passes nearby. It is very "Disney," but still elegant and beautiful. If it does choose to rain (again, crossing our fingers), we have something similar to this as a back-up space:

Not entirely my style, but again... just a back-up. It's also very near to the patio, so we could still utilize that space if the rain lets up. The biggest dilemma is that the outdoor space really needs minimal decorations, it's beautiful without any needing any "extras." I have to try to find an option though, that could dress-up this room, just in case we are left eating here. I'd like to remove the "Victorian Prison-like" feeling it exudes.


AJ said...

What ever the weather it will beautiful.

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