Saturday, January 31, 2009

History of a Ring

The always cute and fabulous Melissa over at M and M Wedding posted a very unique and beautiful ring yesterday. Go ahead...check it out. While it is very cute, it reminded me of something more. My ring.

See, my ring has a history. It once belonged to what was Frank's paternal grandmother. She passed it down to Frank's father, who gave it to Frank's mother. I am now the third generation ring-wearer!

Sadly, Frank's mother couldn't really give it to me herself as she is in the final stages of Alzheimer's. His father, however, was very excited and has repeatedly said how happy both of the women would be to see the ring passed on to me. His father is a very nice and generous person, but doesn't necessarily throw around the compliments, so I love it when he says nice things to me. I take them, and treasure them.

Anyways, I guess I lied a little... the ring had to be cut off of Frank's mother's finger when she first got Alzheimer's, so he was basically given a wedding band and an engagement ring, all cut up into 4 separate pieces. We took the main stone (yes, the big, flawless, beautiful one!) and Frank sort of designed the rest. He took me to a jewelry store, I said "I like that one," and between him and the jeweler they came up with my beautiful ring 3 months later.

While removing the stone from the original ring, the jeweler noticed an inscription inside. MP loves REP. Awwww, they had their bands engraved! Now of course, being the sappy romantics that we are, Frank nor myself can bring ourselves to do anything with 4 useless small pieces of platinum.

It is so cute and sweet that there was an inscription. I think its such a sweet touch to such a special and significant piece of jewelry. Whether you tell people about it or keep it a secret. Whether you put your initials or a cute little meaningful phrase (in Melissa's case "Te Amo"), it is such a cute thing to do.

I imagine Frank and I will continue the tradition and have JH loves FP put in mine. :)


Kate said...

Sigh. So romantic. I wonder if I should mention the possibility of having my band engraved or if it would just throw him into a stress-induced tizzy.

Good Gals Inc said...

That is so sweet that the ring has been passed down for three generations!! It so meaningful!!! I saw on a wedding TV show that two people each took something from their parents and had it melted down to cover the inside of the ring around their finger so a part of their parents would be be with them. I love stories like yours and that! Thank you so much for following my blog!! I can't wait to read more!!

Hannah Noel said...

Aww-- that's a sweet story =)

My ring has "Beloved SOS 2:16" on the inside.
SOS stands for Song of Solomon, 2:16.

Amanda said...

That's so romantic!

My Dream Ring said...

That is to sweet!

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