Monday, February 2, 2009

Nephew Love

So one of the questions that has been looming in my head for awhile is "who will walk me down the aisle?"  Since my father passed away 6+ years ago, I hadn't really thought of this.  It always made me too sad to think about.  I loved my dad so much, and couldn't imagine how I was going to find someone to stand in for him.  No one compared.  

Well Frank, as usual, saved the day!  Literally, he has saved my wedding day.  I cried every time I thought about someone else walking me down the aisle.  Well, Frank decided that it would be appropriate for the closest living male descendant of my father to give me away.  That would be my now four year old nephew!  I debated, and thought about it a lot.  I didn't know whether it was appropriate, or if people would think it was a little strange.  In the end, it was a very easy decision.  I want to remember my wedding day and be completely happy, not feel something, or better someone, was missing.  When I look at pictures five years later, I don't want to notice my father's absence.  I adore my nephew.  In fact, he is my favorite little kid in the world.  I will be so happy looking at pictures of him in a cute little tux, giving me away, and I just know he will do a fantastic job.  

My fiance is brilliant.  :) 

Here's a glimpse of my adorable little hero.  


Jenny.Lee said...

What a wonderful and sweet idea!

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