Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back from Spain... Honeymoon Booked!!

Frank and I have returned from Spain... unfortunately!!! What a beautiful country. We had such a fantastic time, and drove all of southern Spain. I'm in the process of uploading pictures, things have just been crazy since we returned, they should all be up by tomorrow!!!

Walking around the charming old cities of Spain was amazing, and everywhere I turned I saw bridal shops. I was quite surprised by it, and the dresses were gorgeous with just a little bit of Spanish flare. It made me quite excited to begin my dress hunt and dive deeper into the process of our wedding planning. (It also made me wish I'd brought along a wad of cash, so I could get my dress there!)

While in Spain, we did decide where we wanted to have our honeymoon... Morocco!!! We were so impressed and intrigued by the Moroccan influence on southern Spain. Everything was colorful, fun, and just gorgeous. We loved the architecture, bright white washed buildings everywhere surrounded by colors... lots of colors. We really enjoyed the people as well, and were sad we didn't plan a trip to visit Tangier, Morocco by ferry for a day. After days of regret, we decided it would be the perfect place for us to visit for our honeymoon. I'm so happy we found a place we are both so excited about.

So, upon returning home Frank got right to work on finding a hotel. Originally we wanted to go to Casablanca, but after reading many, MANY reviews on the tendency to be mugged and the dirtiness of the hotels, we looked into Marrakesh. We found the cutest and most romantic place. It is such a great deal, and close to the souks (the street markets) and just so "Moroccan." The hotel is called the Riad Zolah, and we booked Suite 2. It is in a great location, has great reviews, and great activities (like camel riding) that I'm very excited about. I think it is safe to say that Frank is even more excited than me though!!! Which makes me a very happy Bride-to-be!!!


alanna said...

Morocco sounds beautiful! Just don't forget about the heat in the summers - we don't get that kind of humid sticky hot here in the US!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the tip!!! Luckily, we will be going in January!!! I didn't think about that though, thank GOODNESS we're not getting married in the summer, our honeymoon would be filled with sweat!!!

Jessie said...

Oh feels great to know where you will spend your honeymoon, right? :-) And cool that you like europe :-)

LauraAnn said...

Wow! Congratulations! Be sure to take lots of pictures (and post them)! :-)

melissa said...

Oh, Morocco will be so fun. I am jealous.

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