Thursday, April 23, 2009

Great Bridal Tool!

I just wanted to share with the bridal blogosphere a great wedding planning site that has been recommended to me! Jeff, one of the creators of the site, contacted me a few days ago to share and ask me to check it out. I know there are a million (and one) wedding planning sites out there, but this one really is not to be missed. Really.

My Wedding Workbook is just as amazing. They cover everything from the engagement activities to the honeymoon. It is a straightforward and very easy site to use. One of the best features I've noticed (so far!) is the Task section. You can very easily add a new task to your calendar, and there is even an option to remind you via e-mail of your appointment. Not only that, but it is actually in a monthly calendar view and you can print it out! Fantastic! Below the calendar are reminders and suggestions of what you should be working on.

I am going absolutely ga-ga for this site. Please check it out and share it with everyone!

P.S. Do not miss the adorable story about how this wedding planning site came about. Awwwww. :) And check out Jeff's Blog, I love the name. I was just calling my Hubby-to-be a groomzilla (he totally is)... but Groomasaurus, brilliant!


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