Thursday, April 2, 2009

Inspiration #1

Photo courtesy of : Perfect Wedding Day

This bouquet made of white and green cymbidium orchids is so beautiful and elegant. I've teetered back and forth on if I want my bouquet to be completely green or have a little bit of white. Something like this, with a little more green and a little less white would be gorgeous. Such soft colors to add a bit of color, but not detract from my dress. Beautiful.


Jessie said...

Yes, that is a beautiful bouquet!

Future Mrs. H said...

So gorgeous! I am probably going to do the white and green bouquet thing for my wedding too - I think they go beautifully together!

LauraAnn said...

Oh my gosh!!! That bouquet is gorgeous!!! It is so unique. I think you should do green with a little white.....actually, just take that picture to your florist and tell them to recreate that bouquet!!! :-)

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