Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Great Centerpiece Vases!

I have been looking high and low for the perfect centerpieces. I've found many things that I've "liked," but nothing I thought I would really see through. I still LOVE this idea, and hope to incorporate the whole pearl-thing somehow. I may just add them to the cake table or some other side table... we will see.

I like simple things. Classy things. I need something that can be used in an open outdoor area, or be moved into a busy/fancy Victorian themed room if it chooses to rain. I'm not sure exactly how Disney Floral works yet, but I will find out soon. May 8th is the day when we get a planner, from there I will make appointments and I hope somehow I can make these vases (sorry, not able to get a pic) work. They are fairly inexpensive considering I'd have to rent vases otherwise, and I would get to keep them!!! I could even share them with our wedding party after they are used!! I think votive candles scattered around them would reflect beautiful light, and they are just simple and gorgeous. Perfect.

Hopefully Disney will either fill them with flowers for me, or I can buy loose flowers from them and fill them myself. I wouldn't need much, maybe just some green and white hydrangeas.


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